The Benefits of Terracotta Stair Panels

LOPO is well known by its clay bricks, terracotta panel and louver. Beside these products,LOPO’s stair panels are the new developed product, and they do impress on the market the good reputation of LOPO. The characteristics of LOPO StairTiles l  Soft Color with nature beauty, and never fade make the product looks always the same as before… read more →


PROFESSIONAL The main technicians from LOPO are with a decade of experience in terracotta. We have been continuously creating and developing to energize our products. QUALITY LOPO is dedicating to the quality of our terracotta panel and louvers, which is also the principle of our life. LOPO take trust for quality, now has created many excellent projects in some major.. read more →


After successfully carrying out twice the International Ceramic Trends Conference, ICC launched its third conference one more time on October 13th at the IMAX Theatre of Foshan CGV International Cinemas. Over 400 local and international designers, leaders of the ceramic industry, media and special guests attended the grand event.   ICC showed its creative mind.. read more →

Abroad Experience on Sponge City Construction

“Sponge City” concept of building start very early, there is no shortage of outstanding examples of classic cases at home and abroad, designers make full use of rainwater resources. Maximize the function of the building, to avoid the city water logging, at the same time gave the city’s architectural layout splendor. Seoul, Korea: Improving Permeability.. read more →


LOPO may all customers, all hard working workers a Happy 2017 and wish we are going to work together in the new year!   We are committed not only to the development of our company but also the responsibility of our society and environment. We will put our greatest effort to harmonize our mutual home.. read more →

Warm Reminder: Tile is not Thicker is the Better

Many consumers after purchasing tiles will find, tiles’ length, width and thickness there is small deviation, affecting the paving effect. Due to the lack of tile thickness standards, many owners mistakenly believe that tile is thicker is the better. Experts advise, as long as the quality of qualified, thin tile has more advantages.   Tile.. read more →

Rainwater Collecting System Applications

1. Rainwater collection. It’s through the modular water storage tank to collect the rainwater resources used to flush toilets, pouring the road, watering the lawn, waterscape replenishment, and even for circulating cooling water and fire water. Can alleviate the current situation of urban water shortage, is an effective way to cut costs. 2. Rainwater soakway… read more →

Do you battle with managing mud on your horse farm?

When you couldn’t wait for winter and all it entails to end, now you’re battling a different foe than ice and snow: mud. Whether ankle deep or axle-deep, mud is a pain when trying to dump wheelbarrows, turn horses out or just complete basic farm chores. Not only is mud an unsightly mess that’s difficult.. read more →

LOPO International Advanced Terracotta Panel Production Technology and Equipment

LOPO focuses on source and technology, starting from the raw material to package. Put much effort to control the details of each process to ensure that every piece of terracotta panel with high quality. 80,000 square meters of open stockyard with the normal reserve of natural clay raw material amount about 300,000 tons. The semi-product.. read more →

Bring you a taste of new world tiles

While selecting bathroom floor decoration, ceramic tile always No. 1 choice. Tiles are always evolving to provide new and exciting design options that are explosive towards the trend. “The tiles on the trend of the coming year will bring them to the hints of fashion catwalks – we’ll see exciting bold graphics, more textures, imitated.. read more →