Manufactured Stone for Decorate Home Ideas

Do you like to decorate your home in elegant, comfortable, practical and attractive ways? Modern interior designs with manufactured stone could meet these demands. Unique texture, shapes and colors which look fabulous that different from other building materials. In contemporary, artificial stone adds warmth and fantastic flair to your home decorating and create amazing accent.. read more →

Answers to Manufactured Culture Stone Questions

Manufactured culture stone is fairly new to the building decoration industry since few years ago. And usually no one wants to try a new product before knowing what type of results will occur. Below are some of the most usually occur questions and answers on artificial culture stone. 1. What is artificial culture stone? Artificial.. read more →

Artificial Culture Stone Helps You Saving Money

Home builders today are challenged as never before to deliver quality homes at affordable prices. The current economic climate — reduced access to credit, lower prices, and nervous investors — means builders must compete in a tough buyer’s market. It’s essential to reduce costs wherever possible. Yet, home buyers still demand top quality and enduring.. read more →

Use Culture stone In Your House Interior Decoration

When it comes time to make updates to your home, the best thing you can do is weigh out all of your choices to determine the best materials for you to use. If you are searching for something that is durable and capable of withstanding the harsh elements, stone veneers are an excellent choice for.. read more →

Ledge Stone From Leiyuan Manufactured Culture Stone.

Ledge Stone, also called ledge wall stone or stacked stone. There are two kinds of materials to made ledge stone, one is natural stone, the other is cultured stone. Here we like to introduce cultured ledge stone for you. Since ledge stone is made of natural raw materials. You can see their distinctly natural texture.. read more →

Purchase High Quality Castle Stone from Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Company Limited

China based company offers the best in artificial culture stone products and supplies on an international scale [PLACE], SEPTEMBER 27, 2013: is the official website for Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Company Limited. The company draws its inspirations from nature and is a leading firm in the artificial cultured stone industry. The company uses only the.. read more →

Why customer like Artificial Culture Stone?

In the 1960s, a man named Mason mason invented “the artificial culture stone “principle, after that, Garrett and Floyd Brown pumice stone and other materials developed” artificial culture stone products. Artificial culture stone products began to be used in high-end villas and are decorated in the western region of California, and quickly occupied the whole.. read more →

Cultural Stone Shows Homes Massive Potential.

Cultural stone, also called artificial culture stone, cultured stone, faux stone, stone veneer,  is suitable for any style and any location, stone provides a sense of solidity, permanence and strength. Whether used in blocks or as a veneer, stone can yield a full spectrum of results. Options for which stone you use and how you.. read more →

What is Cultured Stone

Cultural Stone is a high-style wall decoration materials, and Cultured Stone comes from the natural culture stone extension. Cultured Stone also called Artificial Culture Stone or cast stone, it is cast into any desired mold from stone aggregate, cement, and oxide pigments. read more →