Artificial Culture Stone Bring You True Art Atmosphere

At present, artificial culture stone has been popular in our living life for a long time. And artificial culture stone is gradually becoming the new darling of home decor! With all the advances in living standards, we also made on the home environment more and more demand on. It has been the trend that traditional.. read more →

China Culture Stone Company is All Set to Revolutionize the Building & Construction Industry with their High Quality Manufactured Stone

Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Company Limited is the reputed manufacturer and supplier of high quality manufactured and cultured stones. The company is going to lead the construction industry with its capacity and environment-friendly manufacturing setup. Fujian, China, February 15, 2014 – The leading artificial stone manufacturing company, Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Company Limited has always been in the.. read more →

Ledge Stone From Leiyuan Manufactured Culture Stone.

Ledge Stone, also called ledge wall stone or stacked stone. There are two kinds of materials to made ledge stone, one is natural stone, the other is cultured stone. Here we like to introduce cultured ledge stone for you. Since ledge stone is made of natural raw materials. You can see their distinctly natural texture.. read more →

How to Clean Manufactured Stone?

Manufactured Stone(cultured stone) often is hard to distinguish from the real thing. In addition, it is frequently more color-fast than real stone, which makes cleaning it seldom a major necessity. However, your artificial cultured stone stone will last longer and be more beautiful if you clean it whenever it does develop dirt or grime buildup… read more →

Why customer like Artificial Culture Stone?

In the 1960s, a man named Mason mason invented “the artificial culture stone “principle, after that, Garrett and Floyd Brown pumice stone and other materials developed” artificial culture stone products. Artificial culture stone products began to be used in high-end villas and are decorated in the western region of California, and quickly occupied the whole.. read more →

Specifications of Cultured Stone

Specifications Artificial Culture Stone, Cultured Stone, Cultural Stone, Ledge Stone -10years production experience, -40years quality warranty. -Increase value to home -Stable quality Artificial culture stone is light weight , high strength , durable . They are Made from high quality concrete, premium ceramist and top pigments from, Germany. All of those attributed to our superior.. read more →