Cast Stone for Fireplace Decoration

Cast stone fireplace is almost identical to those fireplaces which are made from cut lime stones. This kind of cultural stone is so durable and unique that the artisans have used it for about centuries on the exteriors of buildings. Most of the stones which appear to be lime stone on buildings constructed around the.. read more →

History of Artificial Stone Veneer

Artificial cultured stone, or cast stone as it is commonly called today, has a long and illustrious history that intertwines with the great boom in classically inspired country house building from the eighteenth century onwards. In the eighteenth century, artificial stone designs by leading manufacturers were used at prestigious country houses such as Belton, Burghley.. read more →

What is Cultured Stone

Cultural Stone is a high-style wall decoration materials, and Cultured Stone comes from the natural culture stone extension. Cultured Stone also called Artificial Culture Stone or cast stone, it is cast into any desired mold from stone aggregate, cement, and oxide pigments. read more →