The Reasons for Choosing Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is not a simple title of stone, it is processed by a certain decorative effect and made of a class of decorative building materials. Culture stone attractive feature is the color of the lines to maintain the original natural style, coupled with the deployment of color change. Showing the connotation and art of.. read more →

Why Culture Stone Is Called Culture Stone?

Have you every wondering why culture stone is called culture stone? Actually, culture stone is not just a single stone, it has nothing about any cultural meaning. The stone is the result of the processing of itself, it is the expression of a certain decorative effect processing and production methods. Culture stone is not only.. read more →

What You Need to Know About Artificial Cultured Stone?

Artificial cultured stone is used on the outdoor wall of homes and buildings all over the world. This kind of products can provide a unique and different overall finish to your design with its natural clay material and color pigment finishes. Before you make any decisions on how to complete your build you should know.. read more →

Manufactured Stone Countertops That Create Atmosphere

Today, there is much talk with concrete products that last a lifetime, have less harmful effects to the environment and is a way to stay green in your remodeling project. While concrete is a good source of material for longevity there are limits to what it can do. If you are looking to decorate your.. read more →

Why So many Customers Like Cultured Stone Veneer?

Surely, you’d think that there must be some sort of trade-off since you’re getting a cheaper product? Well, the good news is that the seeming disadvantage pales when you get to know the great advantages of using cultured stone veneer. Specifically, these are that you stand to get with these products: Lighter. As it is,.. read more →

Exterior Stone Veneer Maintenance and Cleaning

Few materials in nature are harder than stone, and man has been using it as a building material for thousands of years. Modern homes are often covered in a thin layer of stone, called a veneer. Both stone and culture stone veneers are essentially maintenance-free, which is one reason that home owners choose them as.. read more →

What Makes Leiyuan Manufactured Culture Stone Veneer Stand Out?

While some may think that they won’t be getting satisfactory benefits with a faux material, the truth is they are getting a lot! This is because we carefully select culture stone veneer products since some of them may not withstand normal wear and tear and exposure to the elements. As it is, some veneers may.. read more →

Find The Best Cultured Stone On The Market.

Whenever you want to decorate your home with a brand new wonderful design, you might want to considered cultured stone. This particular material is great for both inside or outside decorations. However, many individuals do not have the possibility to obtain a wonderful look in their home since natural stone can be quite expensive in.. read more →

Teach You How to Clean Leiyuan Manufactured Culture Stone?

Manufactured Culture Stone Veneers have become a hot commodity in today’s homes. They look fantastic, last forever and cost only a fraction of what a natural stone wall would. They are so popular; many people have taken them on as a DIY project. Leiyuan Manufactured Culture Stone has been growing in popularity with most consumers.. read more →