Why Culture Stone Is Called Culture Stone?

Have you every wondering why culture stone is called culture stone? Actually, culture stone is not just a single stone, it has nothing about any cultural meaning. The stone is the result of the processing of itself, it is the expression of a certain decorative effect processing and production methods. Culture stone is not only.. read more →

Artificial Culture Stone Helps You Saving Money

Home builders today are challenged as never before to deliver quality homes at affordable prices. The current economic climate — reduced access to credit, lower prices, and nervous investors — means builders must compete in a tough buyer’s market. It’s essential to reduce costs wherever possible. Yet, home buyers still demand top quality and enduring.. read more →

Manufactured Culture Stone Shows Massive Potential for Homes

People have been used stone to making and decorating homes for thousands of years. But whereas in the past the stone had to be locally quarried and stacked, today we can get it from near and far, and we can use it as full blocks and thin veneers. The end result: We can select stone.. read more →

Artificial Culture Stone Bring You True Art Atmosphere

At present, artificial culture stone has been popular in our living life for a long time. And artificial culture stone is gradually becoming the new darling of home decor! With all the advances in living standards, we also made on the home environment more and more demand on. It has been the trend that traditional.. read more →

Introduction About Faux Brick

There is no doubt that brick is a beautiful building material. It has a natural, timeless, and elegant appeal which is hard to find in other building materials. Whether building a new home, or redecorating an old one, you can be sure that integrating brick into your home design will not let you down. With.. read more →

Get Architectural Advantages with Culture Stone Cladding from Leiyuan

Leiyuan Culture stone cladding add timeless beauty to your home or business. Cultured stone manufacturer– China Leiyuan – provides exciting, innovative, china-made design solutions for the interior or exterior of your home, with stacked culture stone cladding that are suitable for any atmosphere, whether it’s outside your office or inside your home. Their detailed design and.. read more →

Using Leiyuan Manufactured Culture Stone for Commercial Projects

Manufactured culture stone offers many features that real stone can’t, and if taken advantage of it can make a big difference in the success of your next construction job.  If you are familiar with using natural stone in a lot of your projects, maybe reading a little bit about the great benefits of culture stone will.. read more →

Applications Of Manufactured Stone

Manufactured Stone is suitable for bars, villas, restaurants and other high-end architectural spaces achieve the antique effect, because of its rich colors, shapes and aesthetic features, the building is widely used, especially in the villa building plays an important effect. Exterior: garden fences, columns, paths, bridges, public signs, etc.; Interior: backdrop, stove, TV wall, corridor,.. read more →

Visual Effects Can be Constructed of Building Culture Stone

Building Culture Stone color is really colorful, colorful. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and by a combination of these colors colorful variety of colors, patterns in the stone we now know can be found. Most are white stone innocence, such as white crystals, white marble, Baoxing white. Most green transparent green stone, such.. read more →

Use Culture stone In Your House Interior Decoration

When it comes time to make updates to your home, the best thing you can do is weigh out all of your choices to determine the best materials for you to use. If you are searching for something that is durable and capable of withstanding the harsh elements, stone veneers are an excellent choice for.. read more →