How to Install Culture Stone Cladding?

Culture stone cladding supply a decorative and protective covering for both exterior and interior walls. Installing culture stone wall panel is a quite similar process to installing tile on walls. With the right tools and instruction, the installation can be simplified. A properly installed cultured stone installation will add a tremendous visual appeal to the.. read more →

Benefits of Artificial Culture Stone Veneer

Artificial culture stone veneer is a popular building material for both exterior and interior decoration. It is the point that when you see homes with beautiful stone facings, you can’t identify if it’s real stone or manufactured. Actually, manufactured stone it is quite virtually indistinguishable from real stone due to its craftsmanship and top quality design… read more →

Manufactured Stone Ideas for the Kitchen

Natural stone has become a popular feature of high-end kitchens, but the price of it may put it beyond your reach. Fortunately, manufactured stone products are available that simulate both smooth stones, such as granite and marble, and the rustic varieties of rocks, such as fieldstone, limestone and river rock. These products make it possible.. read more →

Ideas about Cultured Stone Use In Fireplace Design

In a family home, a fireplace is u an inviting centerpiece, and to the overall design of your home, it is crucial to choose the location and design of your fireplace. But using cultured stone can offer you the most flexibility in design style and color! It is very important to choose a cultured stone.. read more →

What You Need To Know About Manufactured Cultured Stone?

Cultured stone is widely used on the exterior of homes and buildings throughout the world. It is a concrete which is finished with color pigment in order to provide you with a unique and different overall finish to your design. Before you making any decisions on how to complete your home or building, you should.. read more →

Cast Stone for Fireplace Decoration

Cast stone fireplace is almost identical to those fireplaces which are made from cut lime stones. This kind of cultural stone is so durable and unique that the artisans have used it for about centuries on the exteriors of buildings. Most of the stones which appear to be lime stone on buildings constructed around the.. read more →

Get Architectural Advantages with Culture Stone Cladding from Leiyuan

Leiyuan Culture stone cladding add timeless beauty to your home or business. Cultured stone manufacturer– China Leiyuan – provides exciting, innovative, china-made design solutions for the interior or exterior of your home, with stacked culture stone cladding that are suitable for any atmosphere, whether it’s outside your office or inside your home. Their detailed design and.. read more →

New Interior Design Trends In Manufactured Culture Stone

In today’s busy, hectic world, your home is your castle – a place to forget the city’s flashing lights and blaring horns. To truly escape, we often transform our homes with natural surroundings to create a peaceful, relaxing and soothing environment. But how do we do that? Our parents’ generation perfected their garden and shrubs… read more →

Using Leiyuan Manufactured Culture Stone for Commercial Projects

Manufactured culture stone offers many features that real stone can’t, and if taken advantage of it can make a big difference in the success of your next construction job.  If you are familiar with using natural stone in a lot of your projects, maybe reading a little bit about the great benefits of culture stone will.. read more →

New FAQ About Leiyuan Culture Stone

1. Question: Is this real stone? Answer: Leiyuan culture stone are manufactured stones with the additional advantages of lightweight and ease of installation plus global availability. 2. Question: What are culture stone products made of? Answer: Culture stone are cast in molds taken from carefully-selected natural stone, using a process that faithfully captures even the.. read more →