Why Natural Stone Installing Costs So much More Expensive Than Manufactured Stone?

As we know natural stone have always been popular with home decoration buyers because it gives a feeling of safety and security to a house. It’s made out of stone so it will be around a long time and stand up to almost anything that’s thrown at it anyway. Since natural stone add so much.. read more →

Applications Of Manufactured Stone

Manufactured Stone is suitable for bars, villas, restaurants and other high-end architectural spaces achieve the antique effect, because of its rich colors, shapes and aesthetic features, the building is widely used, especially in the villa building plays an important effect. Exterior: garden fences, columns, paths, bridges, public signs, etc.; Interior: backdrop, stove, TV wall, corridor,.. read more →

Visual Effects Can be Constructed of Building Culture Stone

Building Culture Stone color is really colorful, colorful. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and by a combination of these colors colorful variety of colors, patterns in the stone we now know can be found. Most are white stone innocence, such as white crystals, white marble, Baoxing white. Most green transparent green stone, such.. read more →

Create a Mood in The Bathroom With Stone Veneers

A bathroom is an important area of the household and has always reflected the elements of neatness, cleanliness and freshness. Thus, the look and feel of the bathroom has always been concerned with emanating the idea of a clean space. The look of a bathroom is dictated by the function of the space itself. What.. read more →

Use The Best Exterior Stone Veneer from China Leiyuan!

For years we’ve been creating satisfied foreign customers with the the best exterior stone veneer.  Whether you are designing your office building or your home you’ll find we’ll have a product that will enhance the appearance of your building with an exciting exterior stone veneer. In Canada there are many ways to create that natural.. read more →

New FAQ About Leiyuan Culture Stone

1. Question: Is this real stone? Answer: Leiyuan culture stone are manufactured stones with the additional advantages of lightweight and ease of installation plus global availability. 2. Question: What are culture stone products made of? Answer: Culture stone are cast in molds taken from carefully-selected natural stone, using a process that faithfully captures even the.. read more →

Stone Veneer Bring Beauty to You!

The ever-popular “brick-look” is always in high demand, whether it’s for external or internal use, and is one of the most common forms of construction for any form of property. Leiyuan supplies elegant clay brick veneer and manufactures faux stone designed to complement or enhance any form of architecture, and offer cost-effective, convenient solutions to.. read more →

Live You Dreams With Leiyuan Manufactured Stone

Our homes are an expression of our true selves and the heart of our everyday activities. We invite you to explore Leiyuan Manufactured Cultured Stone and the many ways these unique design elements can help you transform your home into a tangible expression of your dreams. Leiyuan manufactured stone veneer, will not only enhance the.. read more →

How to Identify the Quality of Culture Stone

Leiyuan has been professional manufactured culture stone for decades time already, A great building or construction always containing wisdom, that’s a result of heart care. Therefore, Good quality building material is crucial step for building project. Today, Leiyuan will introduce six trick for you to identify a high quality culture stone. Firstly, a products color is.. read more →

Why So many Customers Like Cultured Stone Veneer?

Surely, you’d think that there must be some sort of trade-off since you’re getting a cheaper product? Well, the good news is that the seeming disadvantage pales when you get to know the great advantages of using cultured stone veneer. Specifically, these are that you stand to get with these products: Lighter. As it is,.. read more →