Answers to Manufactured Culture Stone Questions

Manufactured culture stone is fairly new to the building decoration industry since few years ago. And usually no one wants to try a new product before knowing what type of results will occur. Below are some of the most usually occur questions and answers on artificial culture stone. 1. What is artificial culture stone? Artificial.. read more →

Using Leiyuan Manufactured Culture Stone for Commercial Projects

Manufactured culture stone offers many features that real stone can’t, and if taken advantage of it can make a big difference in the success of your next construction job.  If you are familiar with using natural stone in a lot of your projects, maybe reading a little bit about the great benefits of culture stone will.. read more →

Live You Dreams With Leiyuan Manufactured Stone

Our homes are an expression of our true selves and the heart of our everyday activities. We invite you to explore Leiyuan Manufactured Cultured Stone and the many ways these unique design elements can help you transform your home into a tangible expression of your dreams. Leiyuan manufactured stone veneer, will not only enhance the.. read more →

Leiyuan Manufactured Stone Veneer Is A Great Alternative To Natural Stone

Leiyuan is a leading manufacturer in some of the most dramatic and compelling stone products that are available in China. We proudly serve over 60 countries all over the world. A stone veneer can be a great addition when building and redesigning your home or business. The art of stone veneer can revamp such structures.. read more →

8 Reasons to Decorative Your Home With Manufactured Stone Veneer

The fronting facing is often the centerpiece of a home, where friends and family and neighbors will all see it whether arriving at your home or just in passing. It usually dictates the personality for the entire home as well as being a reflection of the occupant’s personality as well. Given this fact, it is.. read more →

Why Leiyuan Has Been A Professional Manufactured Stone Veneer for More Than 10 Years?

Manufactured Stone, also called cultured stone, cast stone, is a man-made concrete material made to look like authentic natural stone. It can be used for a variety of different masonry purposes from decorative and ornamental trims and facings to ornamental garden stones. Manufactured stone veneer comes in a variety of colors ranging from white to.. read more →