The Reasons for Choosing Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is not a simple title of stone, it is processed by a certain decorative effect and made of a class of decorative building materials. Culture stone attractive feature is the color of the lines to maintain the original natural style, coupled with the deployment of color change. Showing the connotation and art of.. read more →

Manufactured Stone for Decorate Home Ideas

Do you like to decorate your home in elegant, comfortable, practical and attractive ways? Modern interior designs with manufactured stone could meet these demands. Unique texture, shapes and colors which look fabulous that different from other building materials. In contemporary, artificial stone adds warmth and fantastic flair to your home decorating and create amazing accent.. read more →

The Remarkable Origin and Superiority for Artificial Culture Stone

In the 1950s, Mr. MEL who is the owner of CORONADO have the opportunity to visit Xi’an, China, in ancient mountain Hengxing Culture Stone saw the local clay brick production, thus he generated inspiration and returned to the United States began using the cement sand and other imitation the natural stone materials to produce artificial.. read more →

Benefits of Artificial Culture Stone Veneer

Artificial culture stone veneer is a popular building material for both exterior and interior decoration. It is the point that when you see homes with beautiful stone facings, you can’t identify if it’s real stone or manufactured. Actually, manufactured stone it is quite virtually indistinguishable from real stone due to its craftsmanship and top quality design… read more →

Manufactured Stone Countertops That Create Atmosphere

Today, there is much talk with concrete products that last a lifetime, have less harmful effects to the environment and is a way to stay green in your remodeling project. While concrete is a good source of material for longevity there are limits to what it can do. If you are looking to decorate your.. read more →

Outdoor Living Ideas With Manufactured Stone

Outdoor Living Area If you are like many of the hard working Americans in the United States and do not have the time, you would like to spend in your backyard, that is why many people invest money on our outdoor living areas to enjoy the little precious time to ourselves. The perfect outdoor living.. read more →

The Value Of Using Manufactured Man-man Cultured Stone

The speed of construction is greatly increased because pre-engineered techniques provide material to the job site that requires no extra time for cutting and fitting the stones for proper fit. Architecturally engineered stone veneer provides the crafted finish at a fraction of the cost of natural stone material. The cultured stone, or man-made stone, is.. read more →

Manufactured Stone from Leiyuan Has Won A Good Reputation In the Market

With people’s pursuit of high standards of living, decorative stone has going into millions of households gradually. The introducing foreign stones and the emerging of high quality imitating stone are dazzling in the decorating and building materials market. In the face of a large number of stone products, how should people make their choices? In.. read more →

Why Natural Stone Installing Costs So much More Expensive Than Manufactured Stone?

As we know natural stone have always been popular with home decoration buyers because it gives a feeling of safety and security to a house. It’s made out of stone so it will be around a long time and stand up to almost anything that’s thrown at it anyway. Since natural stone add so much.. read more →

Get Architectural Advantages with Culture Stone Cladding from Leiyuan

Leiyuan Culture stone cladding add timeless beauty to your home or business. Cultured stone manufacturer– China Leiyuan – provides exciting, innovative, china-made design solutions for the interior or exterior of your home, with stacked culture stone cladding that are suitable for any atmosphere, whether it’s outside your office or inside your home. Their detailed design and.. read more →