New concept of low-carbon life was selected as artificial culture stone

In order to cater to a low-carbon life, more and more new energy sources have been developed and played a crucial role in the development process. Artificial culture stone is also a new building material discovered. Is it possible for artificial culture stone to have low carbon? ? The following Huixian Dongsen Building Materials Co.,.. read more →

LOPO International Advanced Terracotta Panel Production Technology and Equipment

LOPO focuses on source and technology, starting from the raw material to package. Put much effort to control the details of each process to ensure that every piece of terracotta panel with high quality. 80,000 square meters of open stockyard with the normal reserve of natural clay raw material amount about 300,000 tons. The semi-product.. read more →

Bring you a taste of new world tiles

While selecting bathroom floor decoration, ceramic tile always No. 1 choice. Tiles are always evolving to provide new and exciting design options that are explosive towards the trend. “The tiles on the trend of the coming year will bring them to the hints of fashion catwalks – we’ll see exciting bold graphics, more textures, imitated.. read more →

Rainwater Harvesting System Airport Project

Jiangxi Shangrao Sanqingshan airport project covers an area 2243 acres, the passenger throughput about 300,000 people, 4C civil extension airport. Greening rate as high as 42%, the future of rainwater harvesting management and utilization of green space construction area takes 1000m3. Time:April, 2016 Quantity:1000CBM Module Quantity: 5000pcs Material:PP Void ratio: 90%-95% Water Storage Volume: 110L.. read more →

Ceramic Backsplashes Tiles from AATILE Company for Kitchen

Every houseowners are wondering of having a luxurious and functional kitchen and one of the very important part of the decoration of kitchen is the backsplash, therefore it should be considered carefully. As backsplash tiles can not only protect the wall areas behind the sink and counter areas from splashes that are caused when washing and cooking,.. read more →

Tiles for Home Flooring and Wall Decoration

Tiles have a number of advantages, so that many home owners prefer to choosing them for flooring. Tiles can also be look great with wall textured, so they are considered as one of the best available options for flooring. Another advantages is because they are easy to maintain as well. You can easily choose the.. read more →

GSGRID Keeps Livestock Away from the Muddy Problem

Many customers come and complaint about the muddy problems since many heavily trafficked place like paddock, gated areas, feeding areas are often cause muddy problem constantly. The mud problem is caused by the constant compaction of the ground, eliminating all drainage capability. When the heavily used areas become muddy, and it usually doesn’t take much.. read more →

Why Glazed Porcelain Tiles Can Help You Build A Perfect House?

Although it is not very easy to distinguish the differences between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles from the appearance, but there is actually many differences between these two kind of tiles for use on floors and walls. As we all known, ceramic tiles are made from clay materials and then fired at a certain high.. read more →

How to Install Culture Stone Cladding?

Culture stone cladding supply a decorative and protective covering for both exterior and interior walls. Installing culture stone wall panel is a quite similar process to installing tile on walls. With the right tools and instruction, the installation can be simplified. A properly installed cultured stone installation will add a tremendous visual appeal to the.. read more →

Leiyuan Artificial Culture Bricks Manufacturing – Using Natural Materials

Leiyuan artificial culture brick products are manufactured from two of the most abundant natural materials on the planet, that is clay and shale. The raw materials that Leiyuan uses to produce handmade culture brick are surface-mined in a way that causes minimal long-term impact to the environment. These are materials that can be recycled used again.. read more →