New Interior Design Trends In Manufactured Culture Stone

In today’s busy, hectic world, your home is your castle – a place to forget the city’s flashing lights and blaring horns. To truly escape, we often transform our homes with natural surroundings to create a peaceful, relaxing and soothing environment. But how do we do that? Our parents’ generation perfected their garden and shrubs… read more →

History of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is used as a protective and decorative covering for exterior or interior horizontal walls and surfaces. The veneer is typically 1 inch thick and must weigh less than 15 pounds per square foot (73 kg/m2) so that no additional structural supports will be required. Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look.. read more →

Applications Of Manufactured Stone

Manufactured Stone is suitable for bars, villas, restaurants and other high-end architectural spaces achieve the antique effect, because of its rich colors, shapes and aesthetic features, the building is widely used, especially in the villa building plays an important effect. Exterior: garden fences, columns, paths, bridges, public signs, etc.; Interior: backdrop, stove, TV wall, corridor,.. read more →

Visual Effects Can be Constructed of Building Culture Stone

Building Culture Stone color is really colorful, colorful. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and by a combination of these colors colorful variety of colors, patterns in the stone we now know can be found. Most are white stone innocence, such as white crystals, white marble, Baoxing white. Most green transparent green stone, such.. read more →

Use Culture stone In Your House Interior Decoration

When it comes time to make updates to your home, the best thing you can do is weigh out all of your choices to determine the best materials for you to use. If you are searching for something that is durable and capable of withstanding the harsh elements, stone veneers are an excellent choice for.. read more →

History of Artificial Stone Veneer

Artificial cultured stone, or cast stone as it is commonly called today, has a long and illustrious history that intertwines with the great boom in classically inspired country house building from the eighteenth century onwards. In the eighteenth century, artificial stone designs by leading manufacturers were used at prestigious country houses such as Belton, Burghley.. read more →

How to Seal Exterior Brick Walls Stone Veneers

Brick and mortar structures may look solid and impenetrable, but brick stone veneer walls to absorb water, allowing moisture to seep into the home. Mold can begin to grow behind the brick, and unsightly efflorescence can form on the surface. Efflorescence is the deposit of white salts on the surface of the brick as moisture evaporates… read more →

Create a Mood in The Bathroom With Stone Veneers

A bathroom is an important area of the household and has always reflected the elements of neatness, cleanliness and freshness. Thus, the look and feel of the bathroom has always been concerned with emanating the idea of a clean space. The look of a bathroom is dictated by the function of the space itself. What.. read more →

Introduction About Islamic Building Decoration

Islamic decoration have developed over the centuries and makes great use of geometric patterns. Many of these derived from various earlier cultures: Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Persian, and Central Asian.They are usually distinguished from the arabesque, the term for decoration in Islamic art based on curving and branching vegetal forms. But sometimes foliage and linear geometric patterns.. read more →

Manufactured Stone Veneer Merit Systems Protection

Manufactured Stone Veneer is very popular in landscaping and construction, for some great reasons. It costs less and looks great! See our complete overview of stone veneer types and definitions here. Manufactured/Cultured/Cast Stone Veneer – This is the group of stone veneer products that have the appearance and feel of real stone, but they are actually man-made.. read more →