Why Should You Choose Artificial Brick for Your Home?

Classic Beauty The world’s most beautiful homes are built with artificial brick. Nothing else can match its classic style and elegance. Strength Brick is one of the world’s oldest building materials. It is pest and weather resistant, and it’s fireproof. Artificial brick homes built hundreds of years ago are still standing, and look as distinguished.. read more →

Learn More About Cultured Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone. The names artificial stones, stacked stone veneer, manufactured stone are also used for stone veneer. Stone veneer is fabricated by pouring a lightweight concrete mix to rubber forms of different style and then painted with a coloring process which makes.. read more →

Leiyuan Eco-art Stone Introduction

“Leiyuan Eco-art Stone” is a corporation specialized in decorative material with the integration of the research, development, design and professional production of Eco-art Stone. Through introducing the unique cultured stone formulation and advanced manufacturing technique at home and abroad, those engineers of Leiyuan select natural stone as the base adopt high-quality material from nature and.. read more →

Culture Stone Rough Classification

There are man-made and natural culture stone two, the material hard, sharp color, rich textures and styles, but not flat, generally used for outdoor or indoor decoration locally: 1 natural culture stone Culture stone is not a single stone, nor with any cultural meaning in itself, it is the expression of a certain decorative effect.. read more →

The New Focus of Building Materials Industry- Artificial Stone

In recent years, along with the pursuit of quality, environmental protection, highlighting the cultural connotation of the architectural design and the popularization of the concept, the designer creative design, the building material constantly innovation, rich decorative aesthetic concept of space – “Artificial Stone ” is developing rapidly become the new focus of building materials industry… read more →

How to Identify the Quality of Culture Stone

Leiyuan has been professional manufactured culture stone for decades time already, A great building or construction always containing wisdom, that’s a result of heart care. Therefore, Good quality building material is crucial step for building project. Today, Leiyuan will introduce six trick for you to identify a high quality culture stone. Firstly, a products color is.. read more →

Why So many Customers Like Cultured Stone Veneer?

Surely, you’d think that there must be some sort of trade-off since you’re getting a cheaper product? Well, the good news is that the seeming disadvantage pales when you get to know the great advantages of using cultured stone veneer. Specifically, these are that you stand to get with these products: Lighter. As it is,.. read more →

Exterior Stone Veneer Maintenance and Cleaning

Few materials in nature are harder than stone, and man has been using it as a building material for thousands of years. Modern homes are often covered in a thin layer of stone, called a veneer. Both stone and culture stone veneers are essentially maintenance-free, which is one reason that home owners choose them as.. read more →

The Advantages of Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is a lightweight, man-made  concrete masonry product that is  typically  cast into random sizes in variety of  colors and finishes meant to mimic the look of quarried rock. It is generally applied as a masonry veneer to exterior and interior walls, columns and landscape structures. Manufactured stone, sometimes referred to as precast stone.. read more →

Positive Aspects of Buying Manufactured Stone Wall Cladding.

Produced stone wall cladding is also known as faux stone. Fake is the time period offered to “false” or “appear alike” when used to explain a merchandise manufactured to imitate an first substance. (Feel of fake fur coats… and you know what I indicate) and just like the rise of fake fur to safeguard the.. read more →