Ideas about Cultured Stone Use In Fireplace Design

In a family home, a fireplace is u an inviting centerpiece, and to the overall design of your home, it is crucial to choose the location and design of your fireplace. But using cultured stone can offer you the most flexibility in design style and color! It is very important to choose a cultured stone.. read more →

What You Need To Know About Manufactured Cultured Stone?

Cultured stone is widely used on the exterior of homes and buildings throughout the world. It is a concrete which is finished with color pigment in order to provide you with a unique and different overall finish to your design. Before you making any decisions on how to complete your home or building, you should.. read more →

Decorate a Home Out of Man-made Brick

There are a number of choices that you can make when building a home.  When it comes to the types of material you may use for the construction, usually wood is the cheaper option. Because it offers a less sturdy solution while it is not good when it comes to retaining heat inside the home,.. read more →

Cast Stone for Fireplace Decoration

Cast stone fireplace is almost identical to those fireplaces which are made from cut lime stones. This kind of cultural stone is so durable and unique that the artisans have used it for about centuries on the exteriors of buildings. Most of the stones which appear to be lime stone on buildings constructed around the.. read more →

Outdoor Living Ideas With Manufactured Stone

Outdoor Living Area If you are like many of the hard working Americans in the United States and do not have the time, you would like to spend in your backyard, that is why many people invest money on our outdoor living areas to enjoy the little precious time to ourselves. The perfect outdoor living.. read more →

The Value Of Using Manufactured Man-man Cultured Stone

The speed of construction is greatly increased because pre-engineered techniques provide material to the job site that requires no extra time for cutting and fitting the stones for proper fit. Architecturally engineered stone veneer provides the crafted finish at a fraction of the cost of natural stone material. The cultured stone, or man-made stone, is.. read more →

Manufactured Stone from Leiyuan Has Won A Good Reputation In the Market

With people’s pursuit of high standards of living, decorative stone has going into millions of households gradually. The introducing foreign stones and the emerging of high quality imitating stone are dazzling in the decorating and building materials market. In the face of a large number of stone products, how should people make their choices? In.. read more →

31 Mar 2015
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Brief Introduction About China artificial stone industry

According to experts, artificial stone in china is facing the road overseas companies fell according to experts’ research. Overseas blocked the road, forcing exporters to the domestic sales focus has moved back to this mistake. Foreign legion makes the original by adding more intense competition on the national market, competition will become more and more.. read more →

Manufactured Culture Stone Shows Massive Potential for Homes

People have been used stone to making and decorating homes for thousands of years. But whereas in the past the stone had to be locally quarried and stacked, today we can get it from near and far, and we can use it as full blocks and thin veneers. The end result: We can select stone.. read more →

Artificial Culture Stone Bring You True Art Atmosphere

At present, artificial culture stone has been popular in our living life for a long time. And artificial culture stone is gradually becoming the new darling of home decor! With all the advances in living standards, we also made on the home environment more and more demand on. It has been the trend that traditional.. read more →