01 Jan 2016

How to Install Culture Stone Cladding?

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Culture stone cladding supply a decorative and protective covering for both exterior and interior walls. Installing culture stone wall panel is a quite similar process to installing tile on walls. With the right tools and instruction, the installation can be simplified. A properly installed cultured stone installation will add a tremendous visual appeal to the wall and will protect the wall from damage.
Things you may need: Mortar mix, bucket, trowel, grout, grout bag
Step 1
Clean the surface of the stone and wall, which the cultured stones will be installed, using soap and water. Use a sponge to remove dirt and debris, and a scrub brush to remove caked-on dirt. Rinse the surface with clean water. So it is free of dirt, sand and any other particles. After all above, let the surface dry for at least six hours.
Step 2
Mix the mortar mix in the bucket with water using the trowel.Read the packaging of the mortar mix for specific water to mortar mix ratio. Mix the mortar for a minimum of five minutes until you have a creamy consistency.
Step 3
Trowel mortar onto the wall in small sections, approximately 1/2 inch thick in a 1-by-1-foot area, so the mortar mix does not dry before you apply the veneer stone.
Step 4
Damp the back of the veneer stone slightly. Spread a thin coat of mortar on the back side of the veneer stone.
Step 5
Press the stone into the mortar on the wall starting from the bottom up, rotating slightly and forcing mortar to squeeze out. Remove excess mortar mix with the trowel before it dries. Work your way up and to the side until you have placed the entire veneer stone on the wall. placing the stones for a better grip on the wall, then remove any excess mortar from the wall with the trowel edge. Leave no space between the stones, resulting in no need for grouting. Wipe away excess mortar on the face of the stones with a damp sponge as you set them in place. Wait 48 hours for the mortar to begin to set. Let the wall dry for at least 24 hours before applying grout.
Step 6
Mix the grout in the bucket with water using the required ratio indicated in the bag. Pour the grout into the grout bag and squeeze the grout into the joints of the veneer stones. Let the grout and the surface dry for at least 48 hours before the surface becomes exposed to water.