05 Sep 2013

Specifications of Cultured Stone

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Specifications Artificial Culture Stone, Cultured Stone, Cultural Stone, Ledge Stone -10years production experience, -40years quality warranty. -Increase value to home -Stable quality

Artificial culture stone is light weight , high strength , durable . They are Made from high quality concrete, premium ceramist and top pigments from, Germany. All of those attributed to our superior products . Beside , they have deep textures with a natural stone or brick appearance . Artificial culture stone , easy to fix and clean , can be put on by professional masons or do it yourself. Artificial culture stone can be used on Residential housing and Commercial buildings . And they are widely used for interior and exterior wall cladding , such as Garden , Villa , Plaza , Office , House etc .
1.Light weight with beautiful surface texture 2 Good abrasion resistance, wear-resistant 3. High strength and zero drying shrinkage 4.Can stand strong impact and various climate change 5.Durable,high-quality,permanent,colorfast inorganic pigments. 6.Waterproof & frostproof to avoid discoloration over long service span.
Large quantity &Various colors of our artificial culture stone are available. Sincerely hope we can establish business relations with you.
Technical specification

Test Item


Test Result



3(after processing)

Aging resistance

No obviously change

Frost resistance

No significant change

Bending strength

Average Bending strength for 28 days (Mpa) 3.5, individual value not less than 3.

Compressive strength

Average Compressive strength for 28 days (Mpa) 15, individual value not less than 12.

Radiation limit

Pass GB 6566-2001, Item 3.2,requirement for class A

Volume contraction


≤ 3

Advantage of our wall stone


Individual design


Heat insulation

Color maintenance

long-lasting coloring


light weight (only 1/3 of the natural stone)

Green product

Environmental protective(use inorganic material)


Easy installation(just stick to the wall)

Maintenance and Cleaning

Easy maintenance, easy cleaning


Anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, anti-fire, anti-poison

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  1. Folks – I have built a garage/barn. I intend to have a wood stove in there. I’d like to use a cultered stone background behind the stove. I need to know the “qualities” and tech specs for cultered stone from a heat source AND temp specs (max heat etc PLEASE)

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