05 Nov 2015

Suggestion about Maintenance Cleaning of Manufactured Stone

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Many people clean their manufactured stone wrong when doing installation, according to statistics recently “A lot of people think they’ll do their clean up at the end of the project. But to tell you the truth, it’s too late to remove hardened mortar or grout without the risk of damaging the stacked stone tile at the end. You need to clean up at least daily. This is not optional, and I can’t stress this enough.”

When it comes to artificial culture stone wall cladding maintenance cleaning, using a mild detergent and waterscrub dirt off manufactured stone with a stiff-bristle brush is very import. For tougher cleaning problems, Leiyuan company suggests you to use one part white vinegar mixed with eight parts water.

“Firstly moisten the stone with clean water, and then dip a plastic or brass brush (do not use a steel wire brush on manufactured stone) in the vinegar/water mix and lightly scrub the area. After that, rinse the area immediately with clean water to remove all of the vinegar/water mix from the surface.”

Although many manufactured stone manufacturers warn customers to against using harsh cleaning or bleaching products or pressure washers on their stones, Leiyuan suggest to used them on severely stained and moldy areas of stone at your own home without adverse effects.

The use of virtually all cleaners/bleaches/acids or pressure washers can void the manufacturer’s warranty. “If you use these things, proceed with extreme caution and at your own risk.”

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