19 Dec 2015

The Reasons for Choosing Manufactured Stone

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Manufactured stone is not a simple title of stone, it is processed by a certain decorative effect and made of a class of decorative building materials. Culture stone attractive feature is the color of the lines to maintain the original natural style, coupled with the deployment of color change. Showing the connotation and art of stone texture exhaustive. Meet the people worship that decorate wall by stone which can be transmitted out of a cultural charm and natural flavor. Cultural ideas of uphold nature and return to nature. People referred to this type stone as “cultural stone”
Culture Stone Veneer divide into natural and artificial culture stone from the material. Natural stone is the exploitation of nature, culture slate, sandstone, quartz stone, etc. Which is a decorative building material after processing. Cultured stone through the high-tech that using the artificial method to reappear the stripe, color, texture of each type stone of natural formation. The effect full of original and rustic charm.

It has various of features, such as light texture, rich colors, no mildew, non-flammable, does not fade, easy to clean, long use life, easy installation and so on, which are widely used in architectural decoration area. People generally say that culture stone mainly refers to the artificial culture stone.

In the transformation of the building, using natural stone is a quite complicated job. Natural stone materials require to put everything into small part, you must also consider the load-bearing, multivariate design plan and the increase cost of renovation, so it’s not the choice that the designer has to consider in most of the time.

The emergence of artificial stone cladding has solved this problem, because the weight of the artificial stone is only one-third of culture, the superiority of artificial culture stone won’t increase the burden because of the load-bearing structure. It can also be cut or shaped to conform to any arch radius, offering tremendous design flexibility.