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LJ-J002 | China Culture Stone | Cast Stone

Item No.:LJ-J002
Material: Cement, Clay
Length: 50±3~400±10mm
Width: 50±3~400±15mm
Thickness: 25±15mm

LJ-J002 | China Culture Stone | Cast Stone Specification:

Item No.: LJ-J002 | China Culture Stone | Cast Stone
Picture:  LJ-J002
Material: Clay and Cement
Stone Size:  Length: 50±3~400±10mm
Width: 50±3~400±15mm
Thickness: 25±15mm
Weight: ≤35Kg/ctn
Sqm/ctn: 1M2
Corner Stone Size:  Length: (230±10)+(80±5)/ (190±10)+(80±5)mm
Width: 50~300mm
Thickness: 25±15mm
Weight: ≤18Kg/ctn
M/ctn: 2mCorners_of_Castle_Stone
Other Types:  Reef stone, ledge stone, castle stone, hometown stone,travertine stone, cobblestone, mushroom stone,riprap stone, weathered granite stone, shadow stone, water stone, wood grain stone veneer, archaile tiles, weathered brick, handmade brick, eco brick, limestone, wilderness stone etc.
Usage:  Exterior or interior wall decoration
Apply Place:  Indoor:hotel lobby, bar, coffee shop, living room, club and so on;
   Outdoor: villa,town house, golf course, exterior wall of artistic building, artificial fall, vacation village, amusement park, village club etc.
20ft Capacity: 580sqm(580ctn)/20GP, paper carton with pallet.
MOQ:  1*20ft container or small order can also be negotiated
Delivery time: Sample: 2-5 days
Order: 2-4 weeks

LJ-J002 | China Culture Stone | Cast Stone Introduction:
Artificial Cultured Stone, also known as man-made cultural stones, is a high-style wall decoration materials. They are made of clay, cement, and imported fastness pigments by hands. Compared with the natural stones, artificial cultured stone are high intensity, low specific gravity, light weight, easy installation, waterproof, colorful, UV resistant, non-radioactive . The above characteristics make them widely used for both internal and external wall decoration in gardens, villas, clubs, theme parks, residential homes, golf course and other buildings. The man-made cultural stones shows the variety of cultural connotations and natural styles, so that they enable people to have a relaxed mood of returning and tasting the nature while enjoying the aesthetic pleasure, to achieve the attractive and practical situation. That is why people consinder them as the best materials to replace the natural stones and slates.

 LJ-J002 | China Culture Stone | Cast Stone Feature:
1.Light weight with beautiful surface texture;
2 Good abrasion resistance, wear-resistant;
3. High strength and zero drying shrinkage;
4.Can stand strong impact and various climate change;
5.Durable,high-quality,permanent,colorfast inorganic pigments;
6.Waterproof & frostproof to avoid discoloration over long service span.

LJ-J002 | China Culture Stone | Cast Stone Technical Test Result:

Test Item Test Result
Water-absorption 3%(after processing)
Aging resistance No obviously change
Frost resistance No significant change
Bending strength Average Bending strength for 28 days (Mpa) 3.5, individual value
Compressive not less than 3.
strength Average Compressive strength for 28 days (Mpa) 15, individual value not less than 12.
Radiation limit Pass GB 6566-2001, Item 3.2,requirement for class A
Volume contraction ≤ 3%

LJ-J002 | China Culture Stone | Cast Stone Project:



Indoor: hotel lobby, bar, coffee shop, living room, club and so on;

Outdoor: the special decorative design in villa, town house, golf course, exterior wall of artistic building, artificial fall, vacation village, amusement park, village club to present the classic color and taste.

1. Preparation for the Wall
First to confirm the strength of the wall to meet the construction requirements, for the low water absorption rate walls such as wood, plastic, you can use barbed wire reinforcement. Cleared before the construction of the wall surface, floating dust, debris, smooth wall should be firstly processed into a rough surface. Water the wall one day before the construction and wet the wall again pre-construction.

2. Preparation of the Eco-Art Culture Stone
Pre-place the products on the floor before paving to confirm the effect . Adjust the overall balance and aesthetics in advance. Such as: small pieces of stone should be placed next to the large stone; convex surface next to the flat surface stone; thick stone next to the thin stone

3. Blending the bonding material
Using more than 425 white cement, ordinary Portland cement (cement: sand: 801 glue = 1:2:0.03 or cement: sand: water = 1:1:0.4) .
Regarding cement, please use Portland cement or ordinary Portland cement. Sand should be clean meeting national standard 2mm or below.
Water, use clean tap water. Mortar evenly and put it on the wall.
In order to prevent the bonding material solidified before installing the art stones, the area of the bonding materials in the stone must not exceed 0.5m2-1m2, and the thickness control in about 2mm-3mm. Full wet the art stone, and then place the bonding materials in the back of the art stone, wiping more in the middle and less in the corners.(the average thickness of the bond material paste is about 4mm-6mm).

4. Installation
The corner stone should be installed first. And the long stone should be installed next to the short stone. After installing the corners, install the other tiles from the edge to the center. When install the same size of tiles, please choose the tiles from 2 or 3 different cartons, in order to make the colors fit perfectly. Please full paste the stones to the wall, and make sure the bonding materials overflow from the back of the stone.

5. Adjust the Dimension
The size of the stone can be cut into smaller ones, in order to make a good effect. When cutting the stones, cut from the place where is weaker. The debris can be installed between the big stones.

6. Mortar joint
1) The bricks should be installed by the shape of Cross. The width of the mortar joint is about 8mm~10mm. When installing the uneven shapes of stones, the width of the mortar joint should be less than 20mm.
2) The mortar joint materials should be used in time before it being too dry. (If too dry, it is hard to install and easy to craze. If too wet, it is hard to cover the overflowed bonding material)
3) The time for the mortar joint materials become dry is different from different wall and climate. Use the sticks to scrape off the redundant part and press tight. Then use the brush to make the surface plain. If the art stones stained with the mortar joint materials, they should be cleaned in time.

7. Notice
1) Don’t install in the extremely cold temperature.
2) Don’t install in the sun.( A awning is recommended)
3) Do confirm the water percentage of the wall before installation.(If the wall is too dry, it will absorb water from the bonding materials and mortar joint.) Or the bonding material and the mortar joint will break off.

1.Cultured stone is not suitable for using in large area in indoor. Generally speaking, the wall cladding use area should not exceed 1/3 of its wall cladding space. And cultured stone wall cladding should not be repeated in the bedroom.

2.Try not to choose sandstone rocky culture stone when installed in exterior,
because water percolation is easy happen to this kind of stone material. Although the surface made waterproof processing, it is easy to cause waterproof aging susceptible to sun and rain.

3.Indoor culture stone installation can choose similar color or complementary color, but color emphasize on contrast between warm color and cold color are not suitable. In fact, like other adornment material, culture stone should apply according your need while not using it by one-side pursuit of the trend or abandoning by opposition trends.

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