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Synthetic Rusty Cultural Stone Stacked Limestone

Item No.:LJ-M003
Material: Cement, Clay
Length: 60~400mm
Width: 40~280mm

Synthetic Rusty Cultural Stone Stacked Limestone Specification:

Item No.: Synthetic Rusty Cultural Stone Stacked Limestone
Picture:  lj-M003
Material: Clay and Cement
Stone Size:  Length: 60~400mm
Width: 40~280mm
Thickness: 20~50mm
Weight: ≤28Kg/ctn
Sqm/ctn: 0.7M2
Other Types:  Reef stone, ledge stone, castle stone, hometown stone,travertine stone, cobblestone, mushroom stone,riprap stone, weathered granite stone, shadow stone, water stone, wood grain stone veneer, archaile tiles, weathered brick, handmade brick, eco brick, limestone, wilderness stone etc.
Usage:  Exterior or interior wall decoration
Apply Place:  Indoor:hotel lobby, bar, coffee shop, living room, club and so on;
 Outdoor: villa,town house, golf course, exterior wall of artistic building, artificial fall, vacation village, amusement park, village club etc.
20ft Capacity:  512sqm(640ctn)/20GP, paper carton with pallet.
MOQ:  1*20ft container or small order can also be negotiated
Delivery time: Sample: 2-5 days
Order: 2-4 weeks

Synthetic Stone Stacked Introduction:
Artificial Cultured Stone, also known as man-made cultural stones, is a high-style wall decoration materials. They are made of clay, cement, and imported fastness pigments by hands. Compared with the natural stones, artificial cultured stone are high intensity, low specific gravity, light weight, easy installation, waterproof, colorful, UV resistant, non-radioactive . The above characteristics make them widely used for both internal and external wall decoration in gardens, villas, clubs, theme parks, residential homes, golf course and other buildings. The man-made cultural stones shows the variety of cultural connotations and natural styles, so that they enable people to have a relaxed mood of returning and tasting the nature while enjoying the aesthetic pleasure, to achieve the attractive and practical situation. That is why people consinder them as the best materials to replace the natural stones and slates.

Synthetic Stone Stacked Feature:
1.Light weight with beautiful surface texture;
2 Good abrasion resistance, wear-resistant;
3. High strength and zero drying shrinkage;
4.Can stand strong impact and various climate change;
5.Durable,high-quality,permanent,colorfast inorganic pigments;
6.Waterproof & frostproof to avoid discoloration over long service span.

Synthetic Stone Stacked Technical Test Result:

Test Item Test Result
Water-absorption 3%(after processing)
Aging resistance No obviously change
Frost resistance No significant change
Bending strength Average Bending strength for 28 days (Mpa) 3.5, individual value
Compressive not less than 3.
strength Average Compressive strength for 28 days (Mpa) 15, individual value not less than 12.
Radiation limit Pass GB 6566-2001, Item 3.2,requirement for class A
Volume contraction ≤ 3%

Advantage of Synthetic Stone Stacked:

Design Individual design
Warm-keeping Heat insulation
Color maintenance long-lasting coloring
Weight light weight (only 1/3 of the natural stone)
Green product Environmental protective(use inorganic material)
Installation Easy installation(just stick to the wall)
Maintenance and Cleaning Easy maintenance, easy cleaning
Others Anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, anti-fire, anti-poison


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