How Dose GSTANK Help You Save Cost?

First, 95% hollow structure to save water bills Using collected rainwater through rainwater harvesting systems has 95% hollow structure, with the sufficient utilization and realizing the fast water storage, the water can be flowed through the modules freely, so most of the water can be collected and re-use. GS TANK Can be mainly used for rainwater storage,.. read more →

11 Nov 2016
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Unique Superior Characteristics of LOPO Terracotta Wall Tile Materials

First, Natural and Environmental  Terracotta clay bricks use a variety of clay as the main raw materials, while clay is the product of rock weathering that has gone through millions of years or even millions of years, the composition of the structure is very stable, will not produce secondary weathering cracking. And the clay itself does.. read more →

10 Nov 2016
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LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen Apply in Business Buildings

As a unique and advanced rainscreen system, terracotta ventilated facade system is widely used as a exterior wall facade decoration materials in recent years. Since terracotta rainscreen panel is made of natural terracotta clay materials, and it has rich color and surface design available, many architects and designers office building and business center prefer to.. read more →

05 Nov 2016
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GSGRID Keeps Livestock Away from the Muddy Problem

Many customers come and complaint about the muddy problems since many heavily trafficked place like paddock, gated areas, feeding areas are often cause muddy problem constantly. The mud problem is caused by the constant compaction of the ground, eliminating all drainage capability. When the heavily used areas become muddy, and it usually doesn’t take much.. read more →

Why Glazed Porcelain Tiles Can Help You Build A Perfect House?

Although it is not very easy to distinguish the differences between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles from the appearance, but there is actually many differences between these two kind of tiles for use on floors and walls. As we all known, ceramic tiles are made from clay materials and then fired at a certain high.. read more →

How to Install Culture Stone Cladding?

Culture stone cladding supply a decorative and protective covering for both exterior and interior walls. Installing culture stone wall panel is a quite similar process to installing tile on walls. With the right tools and instruction, the installation can be simplified. A properly installed cultured stone installation will add a tremendous visual appeal to the.. read more →

The Reasons for Choosing Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is not a simple title of stone, it is processed by a certain decorative effect and made of a class of decorative building materials. Culture stone attractive feature is the color of the lines to maintain the original natural style, coupled with the deployment of color change. Showing the connotation and art of.. read more →

Manufactured Stone for Decorate Home Ideas

Do you like to decorate your home in elegant, comfortable, practical and attractive ways? Modern interior designs with manufactured stone could meet these demands. Unique texture, shapes and colors which look fabulous that different from other building materials. In contemporary, artificial stone adds warmth and fantastic flair to your home decorating and create amazing accent.. read more →

The Remarkable Origin and Superiority for Artificial Culture Stone

In the 1950s, Mr. MEL who is the owner of CORONADO have the opportunity to visit Xi’an, China, in ancient mountain Hengxing Culture Stone saw the local clay brick production, thus he generated inspiration and returned to the United States began using the cement sand and other imitation the natural stone materials to produce artificial.. read more →

Suggestion about Maintenance Cleaning of Manufactured Stone

Many people clean their manufactured stone wrong when doing installation, according to statistics recently “A lot of people think they’ll do their clean up at the end of the project. But to tell you the truth, it’s too late to remove hardened mortar or grout without the risk of damaging the stacked stone tile at.. read more →